Ruffles and Bell Sleeves for Spring

Easter is my favourite holiday. I know I may very well be in the minority as Christmas and Hallowe’en seem to top most people’s lists. There is just something special to me about celebrating at this time of year when the snow has melted and the ground is thawing. Christmas gets us through the cold harsh winters, at least it does up here in Canada. But with Easter comes the joy of knowing sunshine and warm weather is just around the corner.

And with Spring comes fresh new fashions like bell sleeves and ruffles which I am absolutely loving. In bell sleeves you can’t help but feel dressed up even in a super comfortable and simple-structured dress. I felt the ruffled detail on this clutch added even more of a feminine flair to this outfit and the pastel colours complimented each other nicely. I went with a plain nude pump because they are super comfortable and easy to walk in (even when carrying a 22 pound baby).

My Experience as a Hair Model

 Photographer: Kale Friesen Hair Stylist: Jamie Dennis

Hair Stylist: Kirsten McIntosh

 Photographer: Kale Friesen Hair Stylist: Michelle Pargee

Photographer: Dave Evans Hair and Makeup: Anna Carina

Hair Stylist: Rocky Vitelli

                                                                   Photographer: Paula Tizzard   Hair Stylist: Rossa Jurenas


Long before Netflix I used to tune in to my favourite shows religiously each week and one that I would never miss was America’s Next Top Model. It was here where I learned the term ‘smize’ and to always point your toes in pictures. I especially loved when Tyra would pick girls that didn’t fit the typical model mold because it gave me hope in my heart that I, a 5’7, size 6 woman in her 20s could one day be a model too. I didn’t get the confidence to get any portfolio shots done until I moved to Australia and needed some in order to apply for a promo model job on the Gold Coast. Until that point I didn’t even know what a promo model was until the interview when they explained that not only would I get paid to promote brands but they would cover my hair, tanning and nail appointments as well, um score! Due to some personal (relationship) issues I moved back to Canada after only 4 months down under and decided to use my photos to apply to work with some photographers that I admired in Toronto. Unfortunately, what I found was that the only photographers that wanted to shoot with me either wanted me in some form of undress which I wasn’t confident or comfortable enough to do. It wasn’t until I made contact with a photographer in Toronto through Model Mayhem where I found my first hair modeling gig. The catch was that I would have to get my hair cut and coloured and the shoot would be two days without any compensation besides an 8X10 print of the final photo. This actually sounded better to me than any paid ‘glamour’ shoot so I agreed and thats how I got started.

On this first shoot my hair was coloured black and red and I was given an assymeric cut. For most this would be a crazy unwearable style but I didnt mind and promptly had it cut into a china doll cut after the shoot. Most hair stylists offer to cut your hair into a more wearable style after the shoot which makes it easier to agre to the initial edgy style. After about two or three hair shoots without compensation and varying colours and cuts I decided that I would start charging. I felt that had given enough of my time and had gained a knack for positioning my face in the various expressions in order to justify a paycheque.

Hair stylists are a unique breed of people. Each is an artist, passionate, and tend to have big personalities. For the most part, they are very considerate and fun to work with but it can be very stressful to be putting themselves out there for the world to judge with their collection. Often the reason stylists are shooting a collection is to enter in a contest for a magazine or hair colour brand. So if you have certain limits in regards to colour, cut, hours per day etc, it is best to confirm all of these with the stylist beforehand.

If I had to choose one of the most common things people say to me on hair modelling it would have to be when they they say ‘Oh gosh, I could never do that, I am too attached to my hair’ I understand that this could be very true. We tend to have an emotional connection to our hair. And there have been times when getting a whole new colour and style has been very uplifting. I also got a terribe cut when I was about 11 which made me look like a boy and I don’t think I would ever get over it. But people also have to realize that its not just about getting your hair cut and coloured. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on set and hair stylists have hired novice models that have a certain ‘look’ but are like deer in headlights on set.

If you want to get into hair modeling or really any niche market, I would advise not going through an agency. There are so many agencies that are scams and you can build a clientele just by networking. I can still list my favourite hair stylists off by heart and even though I don’t model anymore I always try and peruse Canadian Hair Dresser magazine and Salon 52 for the latest hair editorials.

The worst experence I had was with an arrogant hair stylist who proceeded to try and lead me by a choker necklace and a leash referring to me as a dog. It was supposed to be a joke but, just no. Overall my experience has been positive, I was fortunate enough to have complimentary travel to the U.S. and Europe to do hair shows as a result of shoots, and I have a ton of photos that I will one day share with my kids and grandkids (I hope).

L’oreal Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Colour


I have to start out by saying that my hair wasn’t at my optimal ‘blondeness’ before I tried L’oreal Hair’s Colorista but that was my fault due to the 10-week period since I have visited my salon. That being said, I found that the pink complimented both the cool and warm tones in my hair. I picked up Colorista from my local Shoppers Drug Mart end cap and choosing a colour was a really easy choice because I knew that rose gold hair was a trend for Spring. There were also plenty of other great colours to please every desire and if I were brunette I might have tried a shade of blue. I don’t usually buy box colour but since it was semi-permanent and washes out in 4-6 washes, the benefits outweighed any risk in my lack of skill and training.

Before I started I had decided that I would do an ombre pink but also add a few highlights to make the pink hue flow better into my blonde. I looked up a few videos on how to ‘balayage’ or ‘hand paint’ on youtube and it seemed easy enough to follow. I also have an angled bob so I was going to focus mostly on the sides and leave the back blonde. If I had slightly longer hair like a ‘lob’ or long layers I would definitely put it throughout all of my hair.

When I opened the box I noticed there was a tube, a brush and 3 pairs of gloves. The extra pairs are great because unless you are doing your whole head, you will be able to get at least 3 colour applications out of the one tube. Because colorista is semi permanent, deposit only, it didnt come with or need an activator so no mixing required, just a bowl to squeeze the tube into. I left it on for the recommended time, 15-20 for light blonde or 20-30 for darker blonde. Upon shampooing my hair felt much softer. I had learned from my stylist years ago that lightening or the dreaded term ‘bleaching’ actually pokes little holes into your individual hair strands so when you add colour or toner back in, it fills those holes and thats why it feels healthier. Overall I was very satisfied with the results. I even plan to shampoo my hair less so that I can keep the colour longer.

Pink and bows are two of my favourite trends for Spring so check out my ‘Shop my Instagram’ page for some of my top picks.

Our Destination Wedding in the Bahamas: First blog post!







Gown: Liancarlo  Bridesmaids dresses: Adrianna Pappell  Shoes:  Badgley Mischka Bracelet Earrings and Brooch: Elsa Corsi  Clutch: Aldo Garter: Millieicaro Venue: Valentines Resort  Wedding Planner:

I have wanted to start this blog now for a few months but I have waited until now in order for my first post to encapsulate what I hope to focus on: family, fashion, and travel. Our wedding has an interesting story behind it as we were chosen as one of sixteen couples who won a wedding package from Tourism Bahamas. We applied and initially missed the congratulatory call but when a couple had to drop out, we hopped on board! Our intimate wedding on Harbour Island in the Bahamas and took place on the romantic Pink Sands Beach. We loved this location for the wedding ceremony as the beach is 3 miles long and stretched as far as the eye can see. The beach was also 50-100 feet wide which gave us enough room for an aisle and archway. We chose to do a ‘first look’ photo session and an abandoned house provided the perfect backdrop for these photos. Additionally after the ceremony we took a golf cart to a landmark called ‘the lone tree’ to capture a few more shots at dusk.

We had to fly to Nassau first in order to get our marriage license from the Registrar’s office and were fortunate enough to stay at the famous Atlantis Resort.  This place was a maze and just walking the grounds took up a whole day for us. We then flew to the Island of Eleuthera and took a quick water taxi to Harbour Island. We loved that the taxi pulled right up to the dock at Valentine’s Resort so we didn’t have to trek with all of our luggage, not to mention an infant and 4 year old. Each Villa at Valentines is a different pastel colour and named after a different Bahamian Island. Our building was named ‘Exumas’ and we have decided we will return to the Bahamas for our first anniversary and this time will visit the Exumas (this is the island with the pigs!) Shout out to Maquesa our wedding planner and Vinincia from Travel Bahamas for showing us what Bahamian hospitality truly is.